Selecting a Date

Select several possible dates

Select three to four possible options for your event date to accommodate the venue or an attendees’ availability. If your event requires the attendance of a VIP, you will have to schedule your date according to their availability.

Requesting a date on President Crow’s calendar

Dr. Crow gets several hundred requests a month and cannot accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, his schedule is such now that he is unable to attend an event without a specific reason. It is helpful to provide his people with as much information as possible about a particular event so that he can make an informed decision about participating. His schedule fills up very far in advance so early requests are important. Unless President Crow is a featured speaker at a dinner, he generally cannot stay at an event for the entire time; usually he will stay 30-45 minutes. If he is speaking his office will need the details on the event. See Information for Speakers.

You need to provide a contact name of a person who will meet the president, including a cell phone number in case Dr. Crow is running late or needs directions. Assign an escort to make sure the president has an opportunity to meet the right people at the event. 

Request a date on President Crow’s Calendar

More information on the Presidents Office.

Requesting a date on the Engineering Dean’s calendar

To request a date on Engineering Dean Kyle Squire’s calendar, e-mail it to his assistant. You will be notified if the event fits on the Dean’s Calendar or not. 

Requesting a date for other Engineering administrators

For vice deans, associate deans and directors, contact their personal assistants. Start here at the Engineering contacts page.

Consult University and other calendars

You don’t want to plan an amazing event on a holiday or during the same time another big event for the same audience is planned. To avoid this, check the calendar for religious holidays, including but not limited to Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions.

Also check out ASU’s events calendar and academic calendar. By knowing what else is going on, you minimize the likelihood of competing with another department for the same guests. You can also use the calendar to maximize your event by planning it in conjunction with another one, hoping to draw some of the same audience. If student participation is essential for your event, make sure your event does not fall on spring break or in the middle of exams.

Once you have selected three or four dates that suit your needs, you can look into the location.

Borrow your event décor!

The Fulton Engineering Dean’s office events team has linens and décor items available for loan to others in Engineering.

Engineering Events Inventory