Event registration form

If you are doing any of the following at your event you need to fill out the Event Registration Form.

  • You are expecting over 100 guests.
  • The event will be outdoors, in lab space, or other non-traditional event space.
  • Serving alcohol.
  • Media will be present.
  • Your setup includes tents, canopies, stages, platforms, inflatables, carnival rides, or barricades/fencing.
  • There will be hazardous materials, fireworks, generators, cooking (including food trucks), or other safety concerns.
  • You program includes controversial topics. (Media might cover it, protesters might attend, security maybe needed.)
  • VIPs, elected officials, donors, anyone who travels with security details, or dignitaries will be invited to the event.

If you have questions about the VIPs, please contact Office of Special Events, Carol Amaya Andrade.


Moving and Event Services can supply you with equipment for events. They do not charge for their service for Tempe campus, but they will not provide setup service for your event. For other campuses they can provide the equipment for free, but need to charge for pickup and delivery.  In order to request their equipment you have to fill out a Service Request Form found on their Website. Keep in mind that they have a limited amount of equipment available and it is based on a first come first serve basis, so order as soon as you can.  For more detailed info on pickup and delivery cost contact Gavin Meland at 480-965-1833.

Following items are available from Moving and Event Services:

  • Banquet tables – 6′
  • Round tables – 60″
  • Folding chairs
  • Podium/Lectern
  • Easels
  • Sign stands 7 ft tall
  • Trash containers
  • Recycling containers

Know that the list changes periodically. For the most updated list, check out their website.

Before ordering equipment, check with your caterer and other supplier to see if they need additional tables, linen or other equipment.

Be aware that most rental companies will charge extra for setup, take down, delivery and pickup.  If you don’t have the man power for setup, make sure you ask the company you are using to include full service in their quote to you.

Moving and Event Services have a rental equipment agreements with event and party rental companies for event tenting and other specialized equipment. The supervisor of Moving and Event Services can help with contractor arrangements. You can also find a list of rental companies under tent and event rental companies on Sunmart.

It is important to have appropriate insurance verification for all parties/organizations involved in your event.  Check out the following website or call Insurance Services 480-965-7700 for guidance.

Fire Marshal/Police
You need to fill our  Event Registration Form, this will notify Fire Marshal and Police about your event and you will be contacted with further directions on what information they need on your event. 

If you are planning on using tents or canopies (either renting them or using ones you own), there are some important fire safety regulations. There are different requirements based on the size and distance apart of tents.  Contact Fire Marshal to get directions on the requirements Office of the University Fire Marshal.
Table and chairs

If Moving and Event Services does not have the tables you need, you can find a list of rental companies under tent and event rental companies on Sunmart. All tables are usually 30″ high (except for standup cocktail tables). When ordering tables, make sure you include not just dinner tables, but also a registration table, an information display table, and tables for other equipment.Be aware that most companies will charge extra for setup, take down, delivery and pickup.  If you don’t have the man power for setup, make sure full service is included in your order.

The right linen can make any room beautiful. Be creative and talk to your linen provider about your ideas, they can also help you find the right pattern to fit your theme and the room. When reserving a location, see if linen is included in the rental. You can save money if you or your volunteers have time to set the table linen. Make sure you know ahead of time if items can be stored securely at the location overnight so that the vendor can pick up the items on the next day. Nighttime pickup is more expensive. You can find a list of linen providers on the vendor list.

Be aware that most companies will charge extra for setup, take down, delivery and pickup.  If you don’t have the man power for setup, make sure full service is included in your order.

Table Seating and Skirting

Table Size Seating Capacity Table Cloth Lap Length Table Cloth to the Floor
Round Cocktail Tables
30″ (30” high)   60″ round 90” or 120″ round if tied
30″ (42” high)   90″ round 108” or 132″ round if tied
Round Sit-Down Tables
36″ 4-5 72″ round 96″ round
48″ 5-6 90″ round 108″ round
54″ 7-8 90″ round 108″ round
60″ 8-10 90″ round 120″ round
66” 9-11 108” round 132” round
72″ 10-12 108″ round 132″ round
Rectangular Tables
4′ x 30” 2-4 60 x 78″ 90 x 108″
6’ x 30″ 6-8 60 x 120″ 90 x 132″
8’ x 30″ 8-10 60 x 120″ 90 x 156″

Avoid using chairs with arms, they are more restricting and uncomfortable than armless chairs. Don’t forget to order chairs for your registration desk and your entertainment. Musicians usually prefer a sturdy chair without arms.

Be aware that most companies will charge extra for setup, take down, delivery and pickup.  If you don’t have the man power for setup, make sure full service is included in your order.


Stage platforms give presenters greater visibility. Make sure the ceiling height is high enough and free from obstructions, such as low-hanging chandeliers. An eight by twelve foot stage is perfect for a podium and four to five chairs for presenters. Always have sturdy chairs with no arms on stage and make sure they are not located close to the edge of the stage. Consider the background where you are placing the stage. It might be best to pipe and drape (cover the wall with fabric see picture) the wall for solid color effect. Using a department or schools logo banner behind the stage usually makes for a good backdrop. Stage the podium directly in front of the logo, name or picture on the banner to create the perfect background for media or photographers. 


All classrooms are equipped with AV equipment; verify when you reserve the room that it is equipped for your needs.

MU, University Club and Old Main have AV equipment available.  If the function is off campus, the venue can usually provide the AV equipment.  A list of audiovisual companies can be found on Sunmart.

UTO has limited AV equipment available, contact Seth Levine at UTO to get information on their inventory and availability.

Make sure you have someone on site at all times to run your presentations and oversee the equipment. You never know when something will go wrong.


Lighting is a very important part of your event. You can create the right atmosphere you desire with lighting. Some of the light services offered by lighting companies include lasers, fog/haze, pyrotechnics, up-lighting and pin-spotting your tables, and highlighting focal points, walls and tables. Think of the following items when planning event:

  • Does the room have adequate lighting?
  • Can you dim the lights for presentations?
  • Is there sufficient light for the speakers to read their notes?
  • Pin-spot your centerpieces and floral arrangements so guests can enjoy your investment.
  • Make sure there is light above buffets and bars so people can see what they are consuming.
  • If the event is outside, will there be enough lighting when the sun goes down?
Signs and banners

Use signs to direct guests toward your event from the parking area, to a certain area within your event such as the registration table, or to mark a vehicle or carts designated for your event. This gives your guests a better idea of where to go, what to do and makes the event flow smoother.  You can chose to make the signs yourself, to use the Signage Services at ASU, or to place an order from an outside source (see vendor list). ASU Signage Services can give you a free consultation but provides the following services for a charge:

  • Event signage
  • Parking signs
  • Traffic control signs
  • Painted or vinyl graphics

You can order signage online at or reach Sign Services at 480-965-1357 or Email.  For additional resources for signage see vendor list for printers.

Hang your department banners outside the building where your event is being held. This directs the guests and provides you additional exposure.

Engineering Events Office has selection of event signs, these can be borrowed by others in engineering.  We ask that items are returned clean and in the same condition they were when they were borrowed.  List of items available can be found at  Events Inventory.  If you need further information feel free to contact Elizabeth Cross at 480-965-7450.

Engineering Technical Services can sometimes help you hang banners or other items in Engineering Buildings. Request services online anytime existing equipment is not enough to hang your banner and you need to add nails or other hanging equipment.

Fill out banner request online for FACMAN when you have a need for hanging up banners, flags, etc in none Engineering Buildings, outside or around campus such as over Palm Walk.

Diagram your event space

It is very helpful to have a diagram of your event. It gives you a better idea of how everything fits when you have the whole picture. Sometimes your rental company can supply you with a diagram, but you have to tell them how you want things set up.

You can use the following graphics to make your diagram:


Banquet Tables

Setup itinerary

You have to organize your event in a chronological order so that your tables will be delivered before your linen or centerpieces.  The easiest way to do this is by creating a setup and delivery itinerary. Make a list of everyone who will be providing you with items or service for the event. Include the contact name for the day of the event, cell phone number, time of delivery and pickup time.Make sure you have a contract or some kind of written commitment from everyone involved. Provide your vendors with directions or a map of location, including where they can park and unload. Share the Tempe loading zone map with your vendors.

ASU materials and equipment
  • ASU table skirts, banner, etc.
    University Affairs
  • Grounds Maintenance (sprinkler, fountains, flowerbeds, lawn care)
    Facilities Management

    Service Request Form

Borrow your event décor!

The Fulton Engineering Dean’s office events team has linens and décor items available for loan to others in Engineering.

Engineering Events Inventory