Event planning guide

Planning an event? Most require special planning and permissions, and we are here to help. Fill out the event registration form to get started!  Don’t forget to log in to access the form.

If any of the following apply to your event you must fill out the Event registration form:

  • The event is open to the public, outdoors, in a non-event space, or more than 50 guests are expected.
  • Food or alcohol will be served.
  • Media will be present or programming includes controversial topics which may draw media and protestor attendance; security may be needed.
  • Event set-up includes tents/canopies, platforms/stages, inflatables, rides, barricades or fencing.
  • The event includes safety concerns, such as hazardous materials, fireworks/pyrotechnics, electric generators or cooking (including food trucks).
  • Event invitees include VIPs, elected officials, donors, anyone who travels with a security detail, or dignitaries.
  • For any questions, please contact The Office of University Events and Protocol.


Take advantage of our event-planning resources!

Things to consider

  • Type of event – Meeting, reception, visit to the school, student recruitment, etc.
  • Purpose of the event – New student welcome, alumni/donor relationship building, annual report presentation, fundraising, etc.
  • Number of attendees expected – Directly affects budget and room size. Allow for room to grow; assume the number will change.
  • Budget – Know your budget prior to planning. Calculate a comprehensive estimate before making concrete plans, and plan to need money for miscellaneous items or additional attendees.