A picture is worth a thousand words and this is especially true for events. Pictures are great at showcasing what a great event you had. They can be used for banners, in publications and online. Please request photography or video services from Fulton Communications  several weeks in advance to find out if Fulton Engineering’s photographer is available to cover your event. When you first request photography services, the Communications team will work with you to determine how the photos will be used in the future.

Visit our flickr site to view photos from past events

Other photography options include

Hiring Freelance Photographers
When contracting a freelance photographer, departments should get a photo release form (ASURITE login required) on copyright holdings in order to be able to use the photos online and in publications.

Photo Release
You should obtain a release from anyone being photographed. A good time to do this is during registration or during the RSVP period. Please keep copies of your photo and model releases; the communications team will need them if your photos are used in publications.  For more information on guidelines regarding photo releases see ASU’s Brand Guide’s Rights and contracts section (ASURITE login required).

ASU Photo Gallery
You can find photos on the ASU Media Relations page.

If you use photographs from elsewhere, make sure you have permission to use any image, photograph or clip art before you use it for publications and Websites.

Borrow your event décor!

The Fulton Engineering Dean’s office events team has linens and décor items available for loan to others in Engineering.

Engineering Events Inventory