Conference planning

Staff and volunteers

Borrow your event décor!

The Fulton Engineering Dean’s office events team has linens and décor items available for loan to others in Engineering.

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Staff and volunteers

You will need a lot of help running the conference. Each session should have a session monitor that keeps speakers on track and is there to make sure all equipment is operating correctly. They can also help encourage questions at the end of the presentation. The registration and help desk should be manned every day of the conference to help attendees maneuver the conference. Meals should be monitored to make sure the setup is correct and that appropriate menus are being served and dietary needs are being addressed. If you have brought with you ASU audiovisual equipment, assign staff to set up and tear down as well as to be on-site for support for the duration of the conference.

Volunteers and staff should all receive both a briefing and training before the conference starts. This should include going over all aspects of the conference so they are familiar with the proceedings and can answer questions. Include training for everyone on the event registration check-in (you can use Asana for the check-in) so you can add volunteers from other assignments if needed during the peak times. Make sure to have good directions on what the assignments are and when and where volunteers are to check in each day. Assign someone friendly, helpful and knowledgeable for the registration/information desk as this is the face of the conference and very important for the conference’s success.

You can find help within your school by having information on volunteer opportunities in Inner Circle and In the Loop by sending a request to the Fulton Schools Strategic Marketing and Communications team. Ask professors in your school to tell students about the opportunities or contact Melissa Stine in Student Success and Engagement who oversees student orgs and can notify them about the volunteer opportunities. Melissa can be reached at 480-727-0074 or [email protected]. Many student orgs get funding that requires them to volunteer their time for engineering events and you will have to keep track of their hours in order for them to get credit for their work. Paperwork on the matter should be sent to Melissa Stine in Student Success and Engagement. If you need further guidance on how to reach and manage volunteers, reach out to Elizabeth Cross on the Dean’s Office Events team at [email protected].