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After the conference, send thank you notes or emails to sponsors, speakers, other delegates, staff and volunteers. Include information on highlights of the conference, what was accomplished and personalize it by indicating how their contribution helped.

Write a summary about the conference including what worked well, lessons learned and things to avoid in the future. Incorporate all information that may help the next committee plan their conference. Include information on how registration went, what the marketing plan was, how the meals were received and if goals were accomplished. Include copies of registration and housing spreadsheets, BEOs, final invoices, a copy of any incident reports (if applicable) and survey results. Keep pictures of the sessions setup and attendance taken by the photographer.

Complete payments and finalize the budget. Include a copy of estimated as well as actual budget in the summary.

Share the post-conference report with the committee members and the chair of the next conference and their committee once established.

Pack any leftover material, recycle or donate anything that cannot be reused, pack items that can be reused and store until the next event.