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During the conference

Conferences have a lot of moving parts and it is easy to get snowed under by the multitude of tasks in the lead up to the event. Last minute changes should be anticipated — that is why preparation, communications and training is so important. Make sure assignments are clear so everything is taken care of by the correct person. Consider the following items for the conference:

  • Do not assign any specific roles to the on-site conference manager (usually the project manager) as they are in charge of overseeing the whole event and should be available to put out fires if needed without being stuck in another role.
  • Staff the registration desk well and keep it organized during peak registration times. Long lines and constant hiccups at registration give attendees a terrible first impression.
  • Check all meeting rooms ahead of time to be sure the seating and AV are set correctly, the temperature of the room is appropriate and the speaker has water.
  • Have each session monitor pick up the envelope/box for the session so they can set up the room correctly. Include a diagram of the room in the package.
  • Place “Reserved” cards on two or three seats near the entrance of the conference room so latecomers can slip in easily. The session monitor should remove the cards after the session starts.
  • Send out evaluations at the end of each session so it is in the forefront of the attendee’s mind when they fill it out.
  • Make sure your volunteers know the location of restroom facilities, including disabled access.
  • Ensure tea/coffee facilities never run out.
  • Collect badges at the end of the conference for recycling.